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The ABC programs that started it all in 2005:

‘ Of Droughts & Flooding Rains ‘

As well as the follow ups in 2009:

‘ Right as Rain ‘ 

Peter Andrews

Over 30 years ago Peter, bought a run-down 2000 acre grazing property called Tarwyn Park, near Bylong in the Upper Hunter Valley. Peter has gained fundamental insights to the natural functioning of the Australian landscape.


The Peter Andrews Story

Born in 1940 on his parent’s sheep property on the Wilcannia Road just out of Broken Hill, Peter has lived his whole life affected by the droughts and floods in the Australian country. As a child he…


Natural Sequence Farming

NSF is a rural landscape management technique aimed at restoring natural water cycles that allow the land to flourish despite drought conditions. NSF offers a low-cost, widely applicable method of reducing drought severity.


Demonstration Sites & Visits

Central to realising Peter Andrews’ vision is the setup of demonstration sites to illustrate the virtues of Peter’s techniques. As these projects are setup and results become available, the information will be posted here.


Repairing Australia

‘Is this the best bio diverse organic farm in the world?’ A big statement but this farm offers the best opportunities to evaluate the genetic progression in plants in a model with an established Hydrological pattern.


Australia: Continent at Risk of a Dry Tsunami

Ours may be remembered as the generation that allowed Australia to die. The survival of Australia was the subject. How long have we got? Read a condensed version of Peter Andrews brutal vision.


The Great Water Crisis

Peter Andrews says “Ruined dry land is reclaimable. We can increase our water and land productivity tenfold. The first step in solving the problem of salinisation is to accept that we are in absolute crisis”


Tarwyn Park Stud

Whilst they say a photo saves a million words, it still doesn’t portray the beauty of this upper Hunter River catchment in Bylong Valley. It is testament to the Natural Farming Sequence system Peter Andrews put into place


20th Annual NSW Grasslands Society Conference

The line-up of speakers for the conference has already generated plenty of interest, especially Peter Andrews, Tarwyn Park, who will discuss Natural Sequence Farming – an extremely topical farming issue.


Catchment Habitats and Landscape Ecosystems: by Haikai Tane

The Tarwyn Park R&D project investigated the nature, flows and storage capacities of floodplain aquifers and their recharge cycles (Scroll to 4. Landscape Ecosystems: Bylong Creek Case Study)


Natural Sequence Farming

Catalyst: Televised ABC May 17, 2007

Catalyst Reporter Dr. Paul Willis heads for the Hunter Valley in New South Wales to see if the ideas and plans of an environmental maverick get the tick of approval from the scientists.


Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

It was back in April 2006 when our restoration work began on the creek. And it all started with Peter Andrews. The project that we are doing here is the first National Landcare demonstration site,It’s only early days, but already the results are fantastic. The floodplains are more hydrated, the creek banks are growing vegetation and are no longer just eroded gullies – and you can hear the sounds of frogs again.


Natural Sequence Association

More Information about the Mulloon Creek Natural Sequence Farming Demonstration


Appropedia – Natural Sequence Farming

This article goes discusses the “Chain of Ponds” concepts


Land re-hydration – Natural Sequence Farming

by The Natural Edge Project – Tuesday, 23 January 2007

With a zeal approaching obsession, Peter Andrews is evangelising to farmers the benefits of Natural Sequence Farming and changing Australia’s rural landscape. In seeking to innovate to achieve sustainability, many innovators are now turning to nature for inspiration. Peter Andrews has dedicated much of his life seeking to understand how the Australian landscape works. Andrews explains why: “Whilst the challenges farmers face today are serious, we can draw much encouragement from the fact that, for millions of years, the Australian landscape operated in ways that ensured its sustainability. Hence we ought to be able to solve many of the current landscape and water problems by re-instating those basic functions of this ancient landscape that have proved so successful. This is what Natural Sequence Farming does.”

Books By Peter Andrew

Back From The Brink
Back From The Brink: How Australia’s Landscape can be Saved

Beyond The Brink: Peter Andrews’ Radical Vision for a Sustainable Australian Landscape

More Info about The Books by Peter Andrews

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“A True Australian”

A Poem
Author: Ron Broughton


“Water Privitisation, Pollution and Profit”

Pacific Ecologist February 2005
Author: Vandana Shiva


“Continent at risk of a dry tsunami”

Sydney Morning Herald: January 2005
Author: Paul Sheehan


“Water the lifeblood of ‘Tarwyn Park'”

Land: December 2004
Author: Peter Austin


“… effects if we keep trying to re-create Europe”

Sydney Morning Herald: June 2004
Author: Unknown


“Let there be water… A lifetime study by an Upper Hunter Farmer”

Hunter Organics: June 2003
Author: Unknown


“A ravaged country is a … “

Sydney Morning Herald: January 2003
Author: Paul Sheehan


“Crystal Clear Idea”

Author: Ray Martin


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