Artist’s Impression of Proposed Mine

The Andrew’s family have been forced to sell to mining giant Kepco. Tarwyn Park is destined to become a coalmine — but not just yet!

Kepco website says: Subject to government approvals, construction is proposed to commence in Q1 2017 for a period of approximately two years.

There is a tiny window of opportunity. Those who care have a last ditch chance to “Save Tarwyn Park” — by petitioning to give Tarwyn Park a heritage listing.

Please Sign and Share this petition now!

We can send a message to Hon Greg Hunt MP – Minister for the Environment & Prime Minister Hon Tony Abbott MP.



“When I saw the plans… there was an open cut mine right in the middle of Tarwyn Park.” 

Stuart Andrews


  1. SAVE TARWYN PARK – Iconic rural property Tarwyn Park should be given heritage listing. A landcare revolution “If ever there was a property that represents the quintessential Australian landscape & how it could be developed for productivity, Tarwyn Park is it,”

    Save our Australian farming lands – our life & breath of owning & feeding our own nation. How can Australian’s just stand by & allow this vandalism, destruction & RAPE of our own lands & our Aussie people ?

    RESPECT our Aussie people, our Homes & our community .. our farms & vital country lands. Stop allowing wanton BULLIES to rule – corporate bullies or smaller gangs of ‘entitled’ folk who walk all over the life, health, security & safety of city & country neighbours all around. The selfish, self-gratification of just a few is spoiling & destroying (raping) the goodness, soul & life from our Australia.

    RAPE .. Wanton destruction or spoiling of a place – countryside or our city homes. Destruction · violation · vandalizing · ravaging · pillaging · plundering · raiding · desecration · defilement · marauding · ransacking .. maliciously &/or unjustifiably.

    WANTON showing no thought or care for the rights, feelings, or safety of others manifesting extreme indifference to a risk of injury to another that is known or should have been known: characterized by knowledge of & utter disregard for probability of resulting harm without check or limitation or control.

    Sounds a tad like a terrorist act ??

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