Goodbye Tarwyn Park


Is a coal mine the future for Tarwyn Park?
Is a coal mine the future for Tarwyn Park?

An Upper Hunter conservation farm has been sold to make way for a coal mine.

Tarwyn Park is the home of Peter Andrews ‘Natural Sequence Farming’.

He bought the property in the 1970s and set about reintroducing natural landscape patterns and processes as they would have existed in Australia prior to European settlement.

He has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his efforts and has featured on the ABC television’s Australian Story.

His son Stewart now runs the property as a cattle farm and has spent years resisting the establishment of coal mines in the Bylong.

In 2010, Korean energy company Kepco paid Anglo American $400 million for a coal exploration licence (EL) over the area.

Kepco has been steadily buying up farmland within the EL and a purchase of Tarwyn Park is considered critical for the mine’s future.


reprinted from: ABC News – Conservation farm sold to miners


“Tarwyn Park is a living case-study of how we can get it right when it comes to water use and sustainable agriculture.

“The irony – and stupidity – of possibly losing a place like Tarwyn to mining is simply breathtaking. What the hell are they thinking?

“The place should be a bloody shrine, not a hole in the ground.”

Gerry Harvey

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