What the hell are they thinking?

“Harvey Norman goes to bat for Bylong”

Mudgee Guardian. By Don Mahoney, 26 Nov, 2010

Harvey Norman executive chairman Gerry Harvey has spoken out against the proposed coal mining of the Bylong Valley.

Mr Harvey said proposals to mine the valley, including to Peter Andrew’s “Tarwyn Park”, home of Natural Sequence Farming, were “sheer lunacy”.

“Tarwyn Park is a living case study of how we can get it right when it comes to water use and sustainable agriculture. The place should be a bloody shrine, not a hole in the ground,” Mr Harvey said.

“The irony – and stupidity – of possibly losing a place like Tarwyn Park to mining is simply breathtaking. What the hell are they thinking?”

“Tarwyn Park” is regarded as a leading example of how degraded landscapes can be restored and natural water systems replenished.

If the coal mine goes ahead, the results of Mr Andrew’s revolutionary farming practices may be lost as the property lies wholly within the boundaries of the current exploration area.

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3 Replies to “What the hell are they thinking?”

  1. Lunacy is right – it’s not as though we are short of energy. And if we were, supporting research into coal replacement would be more to the point than just ripping more irreplaceable stuff from the earth.

    I support the current moves for a moratorium – something has to be done and now.

    But for the long term – why not change the law so that property-owners have mineral rights and there is no right of entry from a third party for exploration and mining. Might take a bit of doing, but it’s a challenge worth taking up, surely? Gerry and other high-profile people who know Peter (just as one example) could back this idea. I’ve started a campaign idea on GetUp too but without powerful friends, no law change is going to happen.

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I agree, but we’ve got more coal than we know what to do with so “they’re” keen to rip the stuff out of the ground and make money while they still have a market for it in China.

      We HAVE to find an alternative to digging coal up and flogging it off. (And uranium is not it! If we go nuclear then Thorium just might be the way to go.)

      We need alternative and sustainable energy sources and we need quality farmland found in the Bylong Valley… and if they’re in the same place then agriculture MUST have priority.

      Question Elaine: If the owners had the mineral rights, what would stop them from selling out to the highest bidder, at a price well above the property valuation?

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