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Peter Andrews: bushman, farmer, horse trainer. Some consider him to be more than that. Many believe him to be a prophet of hope. Tarwyn Park, a horse stud that had once bred the famous Melbourne Cup winner Rain Lover, was dry, barren, salty and eroded. Now, it is always green, with water through the summer and frost tolerant in winter. Fertilizers and chemicals are not used, yet the soil is richer. Salinity has decreased and erosion stabilized. Fish are returning to the creeks. Using observation, logic, intuition and ’smart’ work, Peter Andrews has regenerated and saved Tarwyn Park, but while the land is healing,

It was at great personal cost

It was done after 30 years of battling neighbours, banks, bureaucracy, politicians, bankruptcy and even those closest to him. It was achieved by flying in the face of conventional wisdom. With a belief in himself and what is right; by not lying down and admitting defeat, he has embarrassed many of the experts who were unwilling to listen, learn or even consider change. At last, Peter Andrews, Tarwyn Park and Natural Sequence Farming are getting deserved recognition. But, there is a debt of gratitude not yet realized, so let it be said to Peter Andrews:

Thank you

No doubt, Peter Andrews will go down in history as a great man. This web site acknowledges him as a truly great Australian. Also, this web site is dedicated to several purposes: being a links resource for people who would like to learn more and to look at also improving their land. But possibly the most important lesson that Peter Andrews has demonstrated is that it IS possible to triumph against the odds, that we all should remember:

One person can make a difference!


Peter Andrews
Peter Andrews






If you go to the properties where Peter Andrews has been working, those
properties from the air are green. The neighbouring property is brown.



I think it’s the most significant contribution to landscape restoration that I’ve seen in Australia.



It’s resulted in a river recovery to our knowledge unprecedented in Australia.



I’ll back him til the day I die. I know that what he’s doing makes a lot of sense.
I’ve witnessed it for years.





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3 Replies to “Tarwyn Park – Peter Andrews – NSF”

  1. Peter,

    I have been watching a number of TV broadcasts regarding your farming. Is it you I worked for at a farm about 50km east of Moree? I worked briefly in your Green house about 7 years ago. I was that tall UK chap who helped you lay out your plant beds.

    Given the evidence of your renowned expertise, Iam sorry I did not stay!! I had other dreams in mind, none of which came true.

    With regards

    Roger Greene

  2. Have nominated you for the Australian of the Year. You deserve it! I hope you win! Then those bureaucrats will have to change their stupid laws!

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